Specializing in but not limited to fertility enhancement, anxiety & depression, menopause, chronic pain

Chinese Medicine

Developed for the emperors of China who sought a path to immortality, Chinese medicine has been employed for over three thousand years. Still dominant in China, it is the fastest growing healing art in the United States. It supports the health and well-being of millions of people all over the globe.

I practice Chinese medicine because through that system I can best assist my patients to make real and lasting change. Chinese medical treatments promote harmony and provide both gentle healing and deep nourishing energy. I treat patients using acupuncture, herbs and various other time tested techniques.


Acupuncture provides an opening to the unconscious and promotes awareness while at the same time balancing the body, deterring disease and eliminating pain.

With the thinnest possible disposable needles certain points are stimulated along the course of various meridians. Such stimulation helps restore the normal balance and flow of Chi so organs and bodily systems can work in harmony.

Herbal Medicine

Through specific synergistic interactions, herbal formulas create a vibrational energy eliciting change. Herbs are a strong yet subtle medicine. Unlike pharmaceuticals and more like food they stay in the body for about four hours. In the Chinese pharmacopoeia there are many herbs in many categories. There are unlimited combinations used for a variety of needs ranging from the common cold to fertility enhancement. They can also be used in concert with western Pharmaceuticals to reduce side effects and dosage.

From a metaphorical perspective flowers represent metamorphosis, seeds plant new experiences while vines help you piece together the inconsistencies of your life. The herbal formulas created in my pharmacy are specifically formulated from a holistic perspective taking into consideration the particular individual's mind, body and spirit.

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It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change.

-Charles Darwin